The WWBH event is a fundraising and educational response to the murder of Black people in the U.S inside Secondlife. This week-long event to be held on July 4-11, 2020,  will include Poetry Slam, Panel Discussions, Activist Artwork, Photography Exhibits, Music and Dance Tributes, Movie screenings, and merchandise created to support the cause. The dates of the event intentionally fall on the U.S. Day of Independence and encompass July 7, the National Blackout Day for economic demonstration. The purpose is to raise awareness about what contributes to violence against Black people.

Violence is not only a physical manifestation of uprising, but it is also a recognition of the effects of over-policing, systemic racism, lack of access to healthcare, and other issues faced by communities of color. WWBH will be placing voting kiosks at the event so that people that the option to vote where they would like the proceeds to go. Among some of the organizations for consideration are, The Minnesota Freedom Foundation and Nationa Bail Fund Network, bail for the protester, Campaign Zero for solutions to End Police Violence and Know Your Rights Camp, education for Black Youth and Legal Defense Fund.



Sim Decor & Landscaping By Cache Kiyori
Paige Turner
Model, Vlogger, Influencer
яoѕнαмвo dεɴcн
яιvεѕ dαzε
Title: Founder of All Black Lives Matter in Secondlife and the Black Lives Matter Facebook group. 

Our event contributors for the Creator Fair are sending a message of solidarity, hope, and restoration with their creations. This can be one or several items to be offered during the week-long event. 

We are asking that creators give 100% to the cause. WWBH will donate 100% of the proceeds.  We ask that idea submissions for the event be approved by June 15, 2020. Set up for the event will be June 28, 2020.



Karisha Terebun
Karisha Terebun
Builder of "The Walls of Freedom"

Not formally trained in social issues, she has always took a stand on injustice. Karisha built "The Walls of Freedom" in secondlife as an ongoing build based on injustices faced by society's and Countries of the world.

Paige Turner
Model, Vlogger, Influencer

Paige Turner is  a roleplayer, model, and vlogger in sl.  In real life, she is a former clinical counselor with two parents who taught her that racism is wrong. She wants to host this discussion to encourage people to start talking about racism in a way that is non-threatening to anyone involved. 

Snapshot _ Exorcismus Choir Land, Moonso
Lilly Cross
Blogger, Model, Mentor
Owner of Lilly Pad

Lilly is a gamer, veteran, and wife. She is an advocate for many things in real life. 

Snapshot _ Fox Trace, Emerald Falls (57,
яoѕнαмвo dεɴcн
яιvεѕ dαzε
Founder of All Black Lives Matter in Secondlife and the Black Lives Matter Facebook group. 

Roshambo is an rl activist, anti-racist trainer and social justice educator who wanted to create an event in Second Life that would not just raise funds for key charities but also raise awareness inside the platform of sl. She will be facilitating the panel discussions on Black Lives Matters vs All Lives to Matter and on White Privilege & Fragility. 

Panelist info - Lilly Cross.jpg
Chamelio G. Salamander
Owner of SL Black Lives Matter Group

Bari currently runs an art gallery focused on Black artists, Black art, and the creating of Black spaces in SL. He also runs SL's Black Lives Matter group. His interest in the panel comes from his passion for community, activism, and change.

Dondallia Graves
Founder of The Black Excellence Project SL 

Dondallia is a free spirited, and passionate black feminist, with a passion for teaching, nurturing, and strengthening those within her immediate circles, and surrounding communities. She started The Black Excellence project with the thought that education, positive imagery, and graceful acceptance of all things black and excellent --could be the very thing to help to catapult the Second Life black community into a space of genuine Black excellence, encouraging us all to take our endeavors into our real lives as well. 

Dawn 3 26.jpg
Dawn Garside
Owner, Dawnie's Soulfood & Catering

Join us daily for breakfast lunch and or dinner meal sessions @ Dawnies.
our set meals times are as follows: 
open 7 days a week hours of operation vary from day to day. Dawnies Soulfood n Catering is beyou friendly



All times are SL
  • 6PM TownHall
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • 5PM Opening Ceremonies
  • 510PM DJ DUSSE HεηĐ'υssε کιмuичє-Ŧαяѕнσяє™ (extrana.pearl)
  • 6PM  JãŁɛxίɛŁ Ă. 尺odriguez™ A.K.A. DJ 617
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • 415PM Love Jones
  • 615PM Just Mercy
  • 815PM Do The Right Thing
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • Discussion: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • Photography Exhibit Opens in the Black Student Union Building
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • All Day Photography Exhibit
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • All Day Photography Exhibit
  • 6PM Discussion: Panel Why All Lives Matter Drowns out the Message of Black Lives Matter- at Walls of Freedom
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • All Day Photography Exhibit
  • 6PM Open Mic at Isoulation Lounge
  • All Day Creator Fair
  • All Day Photography Exhibit
  • 5PM DJ Elitє (bornbydabeat)
  • 6PM Town Hall Part 2
  • 6PM DJ DUSSE HεηĐ'υssε کιмuичє-Ŧαяѕнσяє™ (extrana.pearl)
  • 7PM DJ benji Bєηנι Mοʀᴇттɪ (dontbe.salty)
  • 5PM DJ INDIA Iɳԃια Bҽʅʅαιɾҽ (india.umia)
  • 6PM DJ RAIDOUS Arɴez M. Gαlvιɴo (raidous)
  • 7PM CINFULL Mṧ Cιηƒυℓℓ (cinfull.vixen)
  • 8PM Dj K-One Kᴇᴇ Lᴀᴠɪɴᴏ (lecitto)
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